Al-Amin Group

It was established in 1992, in the district of Zakho in Dohuk Governorate, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Initially it was founded by its first company called Gaziantep Company under the licenses number 17. Al-Amin group, works in four main sectors (commercial, industrial, tourism, and agricultural) and has continued to expand its business in all four sectors since the day of its establishment until now by opening branches in all cities of Iraq.

This group dedicates efforts to promote innovation and development in new approaches for a better-developed future in the practice of business, particularly in their own country. Therefore, the group has become a pioneer and a registered trademark in this development and innovation in all its four fields.


To be the middle east’s benchmark supplier in the retail and wholesale market through creating a sustainable availability of products having competitive prices with the help of effective usage of resources.

Al-Amin Group aims to serve the region by delivering quality products and services to enrich its market. Our vision is to use the company’s profits and invest them in the region to develop the tourism, industrial, and agricultural sectors further.

  • Our services are offered in the highest quality and reliability.
  • We value every individual in our business and we the target of our activities to meet with the value of human rights.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement in our business to be offered to everyone.
  • We are responsible and accountable for providing our services and products in time and accurately.

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Years of Experience








Gaziantep Company

Ülker, Eczacıbaşı, Selpak, Mondelēz, Nestle, Président, Algida

Doust Company

Istikbal, Bellona, Mondi, Aksa, Şölen, Golf, Al-Amin Factory

Family Company

Provide product and financial support for our entire organization outside Turkey.

HAS Company

General coordination and product supply of all "Mazi" businesses and "Mazi Mall".

Mosaic Furniture

The factory produces beds, bed bases, couch and sponges for Mosaic and Bellona brands

I.M.H Company

It is a natural drinking water production plant.

Mazi Mall Complex

Mazi Market, Dream City, Mazi Aqua & Fitness Center, Mazi Motel & Hotel.

Mazi Super Market

The supermarket sells goods from reputable brand

Mazi Hotel & Motel

Located in Duhok within our entertainment center, Aqua Park and a fitness center offers private outdoor and indoor swimming pools for every age group

Dream City

"Dream City" is a 200,000 m2 entertainment park in Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Mazi Aqua & Fitness Center

Located in Duhok within our entertainment center, Aqua Park and a fitness center offers private outdoor and indoor swimming pools for every age group

Mazi Green House

Produces organic fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, as well as flowers and seedlings

Mazi Land

Contain more than 250 apartments

Babllo City

300 private villas, ski lifts with a track moving at 300 meters high and 1200 meters, restaurants, hotels, motels and hiking.

Al-Amin Factory

The factory produces cola, tropical and peach flavour of chewing gum

Agricultural Project (Al-Amin)

Making organic fruit and vegetable production

Zambil Frosh Park

Hotel, Motel, Amusement park, Ceremony Hall, Recreation gardens, Picnic gardens, Cafes, restaurants, shops ..

Said Ghazal Project

Aqua park, Motels,Protected Forest, Recreation Gardens, Picnic Gardens, Two Dams, Cafés, and Restaurants.